SiteGiant Lite Integration

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Get API key to sync between Biztory and SiteGiant

1. Log in your Sitegiant Lite account.

Then, go to your Biztory account .

2. Click on "My Biztory" (at Top Right Corner).

3. Click on "3rd Party App" to activate SiteGiant Lite. (refer the image below)

 4. Then, click on “Settings” and key in your email and Secret key (requested from SiteGiant Lite) and click on “Save”.

5. Email you can get from your Sitegiant Lite account . Setting->Generate->Store contact email.

6. In SiteGiant Lite Setting->API, please refer image below 

7. The page will refresh after saving. Then, you can press into the 3rd Party App again. 

    You may get to see 6 items - Order Sync, Payment Methods, Channels, Failed Sync, Product Sync and Settings.




Set up Payment Method


8. After setting up for syncing Biztory and SiteGiant Lite. You have to set up Payment Method before syncing orders. If you do not set the payment method, the payment method will be following the default setting - Cash. 


In “Payment Method”, you may check and arrange your payment method type.


The purpose of payment method is to linking or binding the payment method between SiteGiant Lite and Biztory. This is because the payment in SiteGiant Lite and Biztory might be different. 


The payment you received in SiteGiant Lite will reflect to "gateway" (left side) after you sync and you can select the payment method (right side) to record how the payment received. For example, cash on delivery (COD) is one of the gateway in SiteGiant Lite, then we can record the payment in  Biztory as Cash. This can ensure the  system and you know where is the money come from. 

If you have more than one gateway in SiteGiant Lite, you can click to add more.


**If you do not set up the payment method before syncing there will showing red colour**


9. Then, you can press the red word to set the payment method. After pressing into the red word, it will bring you back to the Payment Method Page.


Set up your channel

10. Go to SiteGiant Lite setting->Sales Channel add new sales channel.

11. After go back Biztory, you can link your salesperson with their in charge channels. Click on  “Channels” to add.


Syncing Product
12. You can link your Product to Biztory from SiteGiant Lite "Webstore Listing". Only can sync from Webstore Listing, you have any product want to sync to Biztory please add in Webstore Listing first.

13. Tick which product you want sync to Biztory.

14. The next step please click Sync Product.

15. In Product/Service menu you can check the product after sync.

Please take note, if the order from SiteGiant Lite, then the product will deduct together in Biztory. If create sales invoice in Biztory the product QTY will only deduct in Biztory won't effect in SiteGiant Lite the QTY. 

Syncing Orders


16. In “Order Sync“, you may click on “Check for updates” to sync all your order from SiteGiant Lite.


17. Click on "Sales", then click on "Sales Invoice" to ensure the sales has taken into account.

17. The sales is successfully sync from SiteGiant Lite!

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