How to create a Wallet

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Why should you create a Wallet?

Imagine your Wallet feature as a digital wallet where you can keep all your different types of money organized. You can create separate wallets for your bank accounts, cash, and even other digital wallets like Touch n Go, Wise, etc.

How to create a Wallet in Biztory? 

1. Click Cashflow and go to Wallets. 

2. Click on Add New.

3. You'll encounter this form.

3.1. Be sure to choose the base currency for your wallet here

This will affect the currency when you want to receive payment and make payment.

3.2 Choose the wallet type for your wallet.

The option for "others" can be used for E-Wallet for example Grab Wallet, Shopee Wallet, Touch n Go and so on.

4. Once you have filled up all the forms, hit save.


How to receive payment with your Wallet in Biztory?

1. In your Wallet page, click on the ellipses button of your chosen wallet.

2. Click on Receive Payment

3. Fill up the form and hit Save.

What is Wallet Statement in Biztory?

Your wallet statement is like a mini bank statement for your digital wallet. It tracks all your ins and out for every payment you make and receive using different wallets.

How to view your Wallet Statement in Biztory?

1. On your Wallet Page, click on the ellipses of your chosen Wallet

2. Choose Wallet Statement

3. It'll bring you to your Wallet Statement page of your chosen Wallet.

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