What is Product Performance Report?

Modified on Tue, 14 Jul, 2020 at 2:58 AM

Product performance report is one of the premium features in Biztory.

What is included in Product Performance Report?

- Total Sales of Products (Total money collected from selling the products)

- Total Cost of the Products (Total money paid for buying the stocks)

- Quantity sold of the Products (Number of the products sold)

- Gross Profit of the Products

- Gross Profit Margin of the Products (the higher the better)

Why do you need Product Performance Report?

- Enable to do products analysis 

    - The report listed down all different items in one list so that you able to compare the quantity sold 

- Make the right pricing decision to products

    - Eg. sometimes quantity sold does not mean the product not earning. Therefore, you have to make a right                 pricing decision to ensure the products can be sold in a lot of quantity and meanwhile earning high profit

- Enable to help in decision making 

    - You can make decision to decide which items you should put more effort in advertising, introducing or                      promotion.

Use case:

If you have 100 different products, you would like to know every products' performance in order you to do some analysis in order to make some business decision. From the report,

  1.  You can find out which products is the most hot-selling item among 100 products in the company immediately.
  2. You can determine is the pricing on the product is right or not as you can see the gross margin and gross profit from the report. 
  3. Then, you can consider if you need to do more advertisement or some promotion for certain products

How to get Product Performance Report?

1. Upgrade to L plan to enjoy the premium feature!

2. Click sales, then find Product Performance Report and click.

3. Set your date range and click search to check products at the period. You can also filter with certain product. 

4. Product performance report is generated immediately. From here, you can know ITEM B would be the hot-selling item among all as the quantity sold is the highest. However, it is not the item that make the most profit. Therefore, you can do an analysis and solution to solve this issue.

If you want to know every details of the product, you can click on the item code (blue colour

5. Every movement of the products with all data and details will shown. 

From the details, you can know the changes of unit cost, unit prices sold and total cost. You can do some pricing analysis based on the report. 

Therefore, if you want to know the details of certain product, product performan report is the essential report for you. 

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