How can I use Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting Application?

Modified on Mon, 8 Jun, 2020 at 5:27 PM

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Biztory Mobile Cloud Accounting Applications, you now can enjoy the free trial. Let us bring you to how to use it.

You may get to know what can you do with Biztory Mobile application. Enjoy!


1. Press “VIEW MORE”, to look more for “Today’s sales”.

2. Press “VIEW MORE” or “View Unpaid Invoice” to look more for the “Unpaid Invoices”

3. Click the “button” (as the picture below) to refresh the page. 

Create Invoice - Create your invoice on-the-go via mobile apps

  1. Press the “Create Invoice” or “+” as pictured below. 

  1. Create new invoice with “Customer name”, “Invoice no”, “Invoice date”, “Select payment term”, “Payment method”, and “MYR”

  1. If you wish to insert more customer information, press the “arrow” (as picture shown below)


  1. Press “Add an Item”, to insert “Product Name”, “SKU”“Qty” and “Price”.

  1. Press “Save”, and your invoice is done. 

Check Sales Invoice 

  1. Click the “button” ( as the picture shown below).

  1. Click “Sales Invoice”

  1. Insert “Customer Name”, “Invoice date” and “Invoice date” 

  1. Swipe left and click “Edit”, to edit the invoice.

How to share your invoice via E-mail / Whatsapp to your customer/ (Invoice in PDF format)

  1. Click into the invoice.

  1. Click the “ share button” (as pictured below)

  1. Choose any platforms you would like to share / to send your invoice via email / Whatsapp.

(etc: Gmail, WhatsApp)
Note: The invoice will be shown in PDF format.

Customer - Save your customer’s details and invoices automatically 

  1. Press the left top corner as picture below

  1. Click in “Customer”

  1. Insert “Customer name” to search. 

Inventories - Track Stock and stock amount 

  1. Press the left top corner as below.

  1. Click in “inventories”

  1. Then, insert “Name/SKU” to check your inventories. 


  1. Click the button. (as pictured below)

  1. Go To “Settings”

  1. .  Language 

  1. Choose “English” or “Chinese”

  1.   “Logout” 

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