How to apply for payment gateway- iPay88

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To apply for iPay88 MYR Gateway - Online Banking Facility

Kindly prepare the following documents:

  1. iPay88 MYR Gateway Application Form (ver. 13) & Fees Structure (contract between iPay88 (M) Sdn Bhd) & Fees Structure For Corporate (contract between iPay88 (M) Sdn Bhd) Note: Kindly fill up this service application form IN FULL and signed by ONE of the Business Owner / Company director / President (for Association) & affixed with business / company / association stamp
  2. Clear colour photocopy of MyKad (front and back) of all Malaysian Businesss owners / Directors (as per FORM 49/Section 14)/President, Secretary & Treasurer (for Association) or Passport of Foreign Business Owners / Directors / President, Secretary & Treasurer (for Association)
  3. Company / Business Registration Forms (full set)

    (a) Sole Proprietor

    (i) Borang D/E

    Note: Must valid for at least 6 months from the date of application

    (ii) Business Owner Details (Maklumat Pemilik)

    (iii) Business Details (Maklumat Perniagaan)


    (b) Sdn Bhd with Certified True Copy (CTC) by Company Secretary

    (i) Form 9

    (ii) Form 13 (If any, for change of company name)

    (iii) Form 24
    (iv) Form 44

    (v) Form 49

    (vi) Full set Memorandum & Articles
    (vii) Section 58 / Section 28 / Section 78 / Section 51– IF ANY


    (c) Bhd with CTC

    (i) Form 8

    (ii) Form 24 – IF ANY 

    (iii) Form 49 

    (iv) Full set Memorandum & Articles

    (d) Non-Profit Organization / Association /Foundation

    (i) Registration Cert - issued by Pendaftar Pertubuhan Malaysia

    (ii) Committee Organization Chart

    (iii) Latest Minutes of Meeting (consist signature of president & Secretary for verification purpose.

    (e) New Company Act 2016 (Sdn Bhd) with CTC

    (i)Section 15

    (ii)Section 17

    (iii)Section 14

    (iv) Section 58 & 236(2)
    (v) Section 58 / Section 28 / Section 78 / Section 51– IF ANY

    (f) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP / PLT)

    (i) LLP Registration Cert

    (ii) LLP Profile (business info & business owner info)

  4. Latest 3 months company bank statement / Open account slip or 1 month bank statement or cover page of cheque book for new company. (with company name, bank logo & account number)
  5. Biztory’s email confirmation that you have successfully registered as Biztory’s paid user
  6. Authorization Letter as domain proof (download the document from the link).
  7. General Guide for Handling of Dispute / Chargeback of Transaction Note: Signed by ONE of the Business Owner / Company director / President (for Association) & affixed with business / company / association stamp
  8. Product Brochure / Info / Photo / company profile

To apply iPay88 MYR Gateway - Credit Card Facility

Kindly prepare the following documents:
  1. Fill up PBB Master Merchant Application Form (MMF)

    NO LIQUID PAPER, NO AMEND, NO CANCEL can be use on the Application Form

    Trading Name = iPay88 (*ignore this & leave it blank)

    Nature Of Business = (*ignore this & leave it blank)

    Whole Summary Part = (*ignore this & leave it blank)

    ==Please fill in estimate monthly sales volume and average ticket size.


    Fill up Alliance Bank Sub-Merchant Application Form (Please send us the ORIGINAL form) – Only for ALB Applicant

    Note: Signatory(ies) by ALL Business Owners / Directors (listed in FORM 49) / President (for Association) & affixed with business / company / association stamp 

  2. Complete set of documents as per above application for online banking facility (no. 1 to 3)
  3. 3 exterior photo showing signage with Company name and 3 interior photo

    - Photo of retail shop instead of photo for office - (If ANY retail shop)

    - Photo must related to the Nature of business (NOB)

  4. Photocopy of Whois Record or Invoice / Receipt of Domain purchased (under applicant name)

  5. If any, website published and ready for viewing with clear product / service description, shopping cart & payment page Note: Website under development will not be processed by bank
  6. Website Printouts that show the followings:

    A. Main Webpage (Home)

    B. Contact Page (Customer Service Contact includes company name, contact no., email address & company address)

    C. Refund Policies

    D. Product Listing page and showing MYR currency)

    E. Delivery Methods and Timing

Additional Document (Vary by the nature of business)

  1. Personal Guarantee & Letter on Compliance of Merchant Requirement (for applicant involved in Group Buying / E-Voucher business)
  2. (a) Letter of Authenticity from the Brands and

    (b) Letter of Appointment / Authorization from the Brands to allow the applicant to sell the goods on behalf of the brand owner Note: A letter that certify the applicant is authorized / appointed by the brand owner to sell those product (for applicant selling any branded items)
  3. Appointment / Authorization letter from the Authors / Publishers / Content Owners to allow the applicant to sell the product / service (for applicant selling / providing any product / service with copyright such as books, magazine, content, etc.)
  4. Registration Cert. issued by Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to certify the product is safe for consumption and authorized for sale in market (for applicant selling Beauty, Cosmetic, Skin Care, Health Care, Food & Beverage, etc.)
  5. (a) Liquor License

    (b) Letter to certify that the applicant only performs the sales in Malaysia for local consumption, sales to Non-Muslim & above 18-years-old (for applicant selling alcohol / wine)
  6. Direct Selling License (for Direct Selling Company)
  7. Travel License (for Travel Agency)
  8. Sales & Purchase Agreement, Assessment or Utility Bill (for Hotel / Accommodation Business)
  9. Letter of Appointment issued by Event Organizer and/or Authority (b) Event Venue Booking Slip (for applicant involves in event / race activity)
  10. Furniture seller MUST provide warehouse photo / Retail Shop photo


  1. iPay88 will not accept any application from the applicant involve in any of the products, services and activities being stated in Clause 10 of the Merchant Agreement.
  2. All documents must be valid on the date of application. These documents are not returnable.
  3. Application with insufficient / incomplete document or without payment will not be processed by iPay88 / Bank. Documents printed both sides are not acceptable.                                                                                                                                           Note: Incomplete application will only be kept by iPay88 up to 2 months
  4. The setup fee paid is not refundable after the application is submitted.
  5. Processing time for application registration & approval (upon receiving of full documents):

    (a) Online banking facility within 14 working days is solely at iPay88 discretion.

    (b) Credit card facility within 2 - 3 months (or more) is solely at bank discretion.

Please submit the complete application form and all the required documents as stated above to

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