How to override GST calculation by the system

Modified on Wed, 22 Aug, 2018 at 6:34 PM

If you fill up your Charges in the column one by one instead of one amount altogether, your GST amount will be right. But if you are calculating an amount altogether, then you will have to override the GST system. 


The GST is our system will calculate the GST amount after round off. 

For example, you have bank charges of RM100.10, 

Bank Charges: RM100.10 

GST 6%= RM 6.006 

After GST Round off : RM 6.01 (Currency will always be rounded off to two decimals)

Total after GST: RM 106.11

Imagine if you have 10 bank charges transactions with exactly the same amount, which is RM100,10. Your total would be:

Bank Charges: RM1001.00 (RM 100.10 x 10) 

GST 6%= RM  60.06 (RM 6.006 x 10 )

Total after GST: RM 1061.06 ( RM1001.00+ 60.06)

So, what do you actually edit to?

Instead of RM60.06 being the GST amount, edit it to RM60.10 for the correct invoice. 


Make sure Invoice is ‘Inclusive GST’ not ‘Exclusive GST’

What you have to do to override the system?

  1. Click on “Sales”  menu and go to “Sales Invoice” 

  2. Add a new invoice or click on the name you want to edit .

  3. Click on the “Journal” image button. 

  4. Scroll down to “GST summary” and click on the “Edit”  button once again.

  5. Edit the GST amount, tax code as you like.

  6. Save your invoices.

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